About us . . .

Not that you really want to know, BUT....

Have you heard the one about the Cultural Anthropologist and the native??

Seems the Anthro had been in the field observing the members of the village quite some time,

and had developed quite a rapport with the village elder,
a man quite old, yet full of life and stories.

They spent many an hour sitting together, sometimes quietly (though that was rare),

And most often telling stories . . .


Finally, one day the Anthropologist said to the old man . . .









Enough about me . . .


 let's talk about you!!!


So, there you are!  A brief introduction to me.  
And that's about the only one that will  be brief,
as I'm sure many who know me will attest.

I'll add more as time allows.  I got a million of 'em.


And remember . . .

It ain't worth doin'

If ya can't make it fun!!!


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